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 Change Readiness:  Thriving Through Organizational Transformation

Webinar Summary

Change is inevitable, but successful organizational change is not. Less than 30% of organizations execute change initiatives effectively, often leaving employees overwhelmed. To navigate change successfully, it's crucial to cultivate a culture of change readiness. 

Key Points: 

  • Preparation is essential: Understand why, what, where, and when change will occur. 
  • Prioritize people: Emotional and psychological preparation is vital for individuals. 
  • Adopt new mindsets: Encourage growth mindsets and effective communication. 
  • Embrace change readiness: Equip leaders and teams to navigate uncertainty confidently. 
  • Common project pitfalls and missteps, gain practical advice on how to avoid typical project challenges, and understand the factors that contribute to projects going over budget and over time, along with strategies to mitigate these risks.

Speaker Panel

Our esteemed speaker panel is poised to deliver a wealth of expertise and insights on success in the staffing industry. Join us as they share their unique perspectives and strategies, providing invaluable knowledge to our audience. Don't miss this opportunity to hear from these seasoned professionals who brings unparalleled insights to the table!

Amy Yakowski_cropped
Painted Porch Strategies

Amy Yackowski

Founder and CEO | Painted Porch Strategies

Amy Yackowski is the Founder and Chief Evolution Officer of Painted Porch Strategies, a stoically-based training and advisory team dedicated to the principle that there is untapped potential and opportunity in your leaders and teams to create meaningful, lasting transformation that sticks. With over 18 years of experience working in and alongside staffing organizations embarking on change, Amy and her amazing team offer training programs, workshops, coaching, and advisory centered on developing change-ready teams who can lead at the speed of change. 

Joe Calzone

Joe Calzone

VP, Front Office | Newbury Partners

Joe Calzone is the Vice President of Front Office Operations at Newbury Partners, where he leads a team of over 15 consultants in the US and UK, overseeing Bullhorn product implementations. With deep industry knowledge and extensive experience, including a six-year tenure at Bullhorn as a liaison between clients and development teams, Joe guides customers through the digital transformation processes. His previous role as a Solutions Architect at Salsify and background in healthcare software implementation further enhance his ability to help clients achieve operational excellence and business growth in the staffing industry. 


Sean Beatty

VP, PMO & Middle Office Consulting | Newbury Partners

Sean Beatty is a seasoned leader specializing in driving transformation and innovation within the staffing industry. As the Vice President of PMO and Middle Office Consulting at Newbury Partners, he focuses on strategic leadership, process improvement, and profitability enhancement. With a mantra of "People, Process, and Data," Sean excels in building relationships, managing projects from inception to execution, and designing employee development strategies. Prior to his current role, Sean spent nine years at The Adecco Group, where he held several senior-level positions in finance transformation and contract administration, showcasing his expertise in managing complex projects and driving operational excellence. 


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